Medieval Studies at Oxford


Hard-coded in shtml and css. Weekly events feed devised by Tom Wrobel in safeperl.

Medieval Studies at Oxford is a research centre founded in order to strengthen interdisciplinary links between different Faculties that have an interest in the medieval.

Several considerations led my design. I wanted the site to reflect the medieval collections and origins of the University and so used images exclusively from Oxford. I wanted to play with the use of margins and decorative details found in many medieval MSS and so use floral marginalia on two separate occasions and on the homepage added a seminar feed that broke the right-hand margin. Finally, I wanted the ornateness of these first two considerations to be reflected in the overall design, hence the use of deep purple-brown and gold, but to work alongside more modern straight lines; consequently I gave boxes curved corners and partial margins of their own and embedded the menu items.

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Medieval Studies at Oxford