Clarendon Fund


Winning competition design.

I won the competition to design a logo for the Clarendon Fund, a source of funding for international graduate students at the University of Oxford. Thinking about various arrangements of initials and various distinctive Oxford images I decided on the roof of the Hawksmoor-designed Clarendon Building, the first home of the University Press. The Earl of Clarendon lent his name to the building by partly funding its creation; in so doing he indirectly gave his name to the Fund three hundred years later. I drew the logo, which showed five of the statues of the nine Muses on the building, in freehand (see below) and it was mocked up by designers within the University and has since been simplified. See also an alternative submitted at the same time, highlighting the O to indicate 'Oxford'.

Project images

Clarendon Fund logo
Clarendon Fund logo sketch
Clarendon Fund logo alternative
Clarendon Fund logo simplified